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by FKO! Cub Reporter Danny Wojciehowski

Danny ClarkI interviewed NY Giant Danny Clark in the Giants running back meeting room,on Friday October 17, 2008! It was so cool to see some of the notes that players like Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward made.

Danny Clark wears the number 55 because of Otis Wilson. He has been wearing the number since he started playing football. He is the starting outside linebacker for the New York Giants. He joined the team in April after being on several other teams.

When I asked Danny Clark how he got started playing and he said it was a "funny story." Even at a young age he knew he wanted to be a pro football player. He said he played football a lot in his front yard with his friends. That is where his dream started.

"One day when I was playing with my friends they said they had to leave to go play Real football. I then asked to be signed up,"he explained.

Danny Clark was born in Blue Island, Illinois and he played college football at Illinois. He was originally supposed to play quarterback in college, but then he was switched to free safety and then later outside linebacker.


 by FKO! Cub Reporter Danny Wojciehowski

Robbie Gould

In high school, Robbie Gould, 25, who plays for the Chicago Bears wanted to be a soccer player. But, today he is a professional football player with the Chicago Bears and is the highest paid NFL kicker.
His father was a soccer player, and his brother plays football at the University of Virginia. Robbie Gould was born in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, and went to Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. His multi-athletic talents showed when he won letters in soccer, football, basketball and track while still in high school.

Although his father played soccer he told Robbie to follow his own dream, and was very supportive of him.

After graduating high school, he went to Penn State as a freshman-walk on. In 2005, he signed with the New England Patriots. He was released pre-season, and signed with the Baltimore Ravens. He was then released form Baltimore and on October 8, 2005, he signed with the Chicago Bears.

Gould holds the Chicago Bears record for the most consecutive field goals made at 25.

I had the chance to speak with Robbie Gould about his career. The first question I asked him was "Why did you pick football over soccer?"

He mentioned a lot of reasons.

"One of the reasons was going to a Division 1 school. I would get to play under Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno was really a great mentor, and I learned a lot from him. Another reason was the 110,000 fans that sell out the stadium at every Penn State game.


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